Call of Wild

Kylie sanders                                                                                                                                       4/3/12
Reading- 5                                                                                                                                     Anthony  
Call of the Wild
Ch7 questions
1. Have you ever thought about who will win in a fight? Or in sports by using someone vs. someone? In Call of the Wild Buck vs. many things that relates to himself and the outside world. Buck vs. Spitz is an example of a conflict in the story. The conflict of buck vs. Spitz was Spitz did not like Buck because of fear of overpowerment of the pack. Spitz continuously tried to kill Buck by fighting with him until Buck killed him. Then in Buck vs. outside voice I chose how Buck stays alive by how he adapts to the cold weather in Alaska. He adapts by digging holes in the snow to stay warm during blizzards, and building up his muscles to pull the sled through the icy tundra. In Buck vs. inner voice I did Buck vs. his inner wild side. Buck became a house dog from California to a wild sled dog in Alaska during the Gold Rush. Buck went out to the woods, and stayed in a wolf pack.   Buck has surely won all of his fights and became a wild dog. He was finally called to the wild.
2. Have you thought while reading Call of the Wild if John Thorton had never died what would have happen to Buck? If John Thorton had not died Buck in my opinion Buck would have never gone to the wild because he was very close to John Thorton like his very first relationship between Judge Miller and Buck.   In Jack London’s opinion though I think that it would be different than my opinion because he expressed more of Bucks wild side throughout the book.