There is not much to the overall plot of this movie. The structure is pretty simple but the film is still laugh-out-loud hilarious with unforgettable moments and characters. Rodney Dangerfield and Ted Knight showcase their best material as actors. Each of these star’s spotlight is nearly unnoticeable because their ability to make the audience laugh. The unscripted gags and dialogues of Dangerfield bring out his trademark comedy that makes him end up stealing every scene. Even though it’s R-rated, none of the jokes are too dirty. The movie is hard to turn off because of its antagonistic spirit. This thematic mood is what the cast brings to the table. There is not one scene in the movie that you can honestly single out above the rest. I’m a big fan of comedy themed movies and I think because of the superior acting of this movie, it deserves to be the best movie of all time. Compared to other comedy movies of Caddyshack’s era as well as newer films, this movie uses its unique storyline and extraordinary actors to take the greatest film spot. This is a huge claim to make about a movie made in the early eighties but just considering the fact of the time of the film’s production it is very up to date even to today’s standards. You can watch the movie over and over again but still laugh at every joke and funny movie that happens.