Cadd Advantages and Disadvantages

P1 Describe the advantages, compared to other methods, of producing drawings electronically using a CADD package
There are many advantages of producing drawings electronically using CADD as opposed to using manual technical drawings and producing 3D models, they are:
  * CADD drawings can be erased and changed to meet any changes the client may ask to be re-designed, this can be done on the screen whilst changes to a manual drawing may require the drawing to be re-drawn from the beginning.
  * You can choose a specific part of the drawing design and be able to zoom in to take a more detailed look and make any changes if require. On a manual drawing you would have to re produce the part of the drawing that you wanted to zoom in on which would require more time and skill.
  * You can copy and paste an identical image many times, you would be able to photocopy your manual drawings but would lose quality of the print each time.
  * Depending on the skill of the operator using CADD determines the neatness of the drawings.
  * They can be produced faster, the computer allows a drawing to be done much quicker than a manual drawing as you can type in measurements rather than using scale rulers and other drawing instruments.
  * The images can be e-mailed anywhere, at any time and can be sent quickly, manual drawings would have to be scanned in and e-mailed or sent by post which could cause delays.
  * They are stored securely on the computer provided the relevant protection has been set up. A manual drawing would have to be physically removed and stored away which would then mean it needs re setting back up when needed again.
  * The computer makes a check on all of the measurements so they will be accurate and to scale, an error on measurements is more likely to be made on a manual drawing due to human error.
  * Mass production of identical drawings is achievable, only by photocopying images is mass production achievable and again is subject to loss of quality....