Kristopher J. Walker
Lower Division Capstone
Professional Business Writing
Unit 1 Individual Project
American Intercontinental University

Professional Business Writing: 2)
Global Warming: Fact or Fiction
  I. History of Global Warming:

For many years the glaciers have been melting and gaining the worlds’ attention.

This has resulted in the rise of over 6 in. in the sea level where as a hundred years ago it was

much lower. This raises the question as to whether global warming is a fact or fiction. Literature

on global warming is comprised mostly on intelligent discussion on having "too much caution on

global warming"(Nature, 1991) or "global warming is real" (Kerr, 1989, p. 603) rather than

fiction. Let me break this down for you people, society is using to much resources and energy in

assuring ourselves that global warming is in fact an issue at all.

  A) A driving force for the argument:

  1. A debate that global warming is in fact a fiction. The top debate in favor of global

warming being fiction is the lack of scientific evidence connecting the emissions of greenhouse

gases as a result of human activity with global warming(Brown, 2010, p. 26). First and for most

any connection at all is completely uncertain and there is no proof.

2. A debate that global warming is a fact. Then we also have people in today’s

that say global warming is a fact and say that society "have caused a number of environment

issues, such as global warming, ozone depletion, distinction of biological diversity, hazardous

wastes and acid rain, resource depletion and the destruction of ecological system, by overusing

and misallocating the natural resources" (Lee &Hseuh, 2010, p. 111).

Professional Business Writing: 3)
Global Warming: Fact or Fiction

  II. Argumentation:

When you think of global warming, you wonder if it is fact or fiction...