Business proposal

Using the information and the lessons learned from previous endeavors; our company can benefit from the changes that are necessary to improve corporate benefits for employees and increase sales by expanding our company’s policies. We can create better training classes for employees to generate growth within the company so employees can transition from one position to another without being penalize for knowledge of products and company procedures. It is also recommended to increase employee’s incentives as well as bonuses from the performance appraisal evaluations for employees. It will increase productivity and also increase sales from the work performance. If an employee knows there is a benefit from working hard and target certain goals they will perform better and achieve and master that target goal. Listing certain ways to contribute to the economic values and benefits to the employees may help contribute new prospects of business. Paid holidays, health coverage, bonuses are just a step to increasing revenue and sales for the business; it is a way to ensure customers and employees that we value their work ethics. It will produce more sales and draw more customers in to our business as well. Targeting such goals will bring more workers and valued customers because ensuring that we care about our employees. I do believe if we as a company become more involve with our employees we can build a solid foundation for our company and future expanding company’s worldwide. It will be for the best of our company to care about our employees and know that we can help in any possible way which will be a great factor for the increasing benefit of the company.