Business Studies

The study of organisational behaviour can be closely linked with many theories in behavioural science, as it is believed the success of any organisation comes down to human behaviour being the direct key factor.   This brings about the importance of effective management within an organisation for it to succeed as they, to the individual, may be seen as the ambassador between them and the organisation itself.   This could involve the motivation of the individual to work hard in order to see the organisation succeed, their perception towards the organisation and how they perceive the organisation’s image.   Including their own personality, which could help managers understand their own work habits and working styles, for example the employee may be very calm and not stress over their work.   In order for managers to reach this understanding with individuals under their span of control, it is critical for managers to adapt and learn the tendencies of their employees in order to gain the most benefit out of their human resources.
Creating an organisation based around the correct motivation to encourage employees to work to their maximum potential is an organisation that will likely be the most productive in the long run of the company.   The workforce is a very complex tool that must be properly seen to if they are to be fully utilised to their maximum potential.   This can be reached through the proper understanding of motivational theories and balancing a good amount of financial and non-financial motivator methods.
By concentrating on the perception of the organisation employees can be further motivated to work, for example through effective management employees will gain an impression that management in the organisation is fair etc.   This would also fit with the personality of employees, working around employee tendency’s and how they wish to work to create a more positive work environment, for example flexible working hours.   This will help shape the...