Economics is in a state of emergency especially in America.   This problem is like a domino effect.   It starts from our government and trickles all the way down to Mr. Joe Taxpayer.   So until things get under control.   We as individuals should take personal measures on how to govern our own income more closely than before.

      Managing resources to attain the things we need can be a bit confusing.   We sometimes confuse items we buy as things of necessity, rather than things we want.   In our minds we make compromises with ourselves.   We tell ourselves “Well, I know I didn’t really need to spend twenty more dollars past my budget, but I make good on it next payday”.   At the same time an unexpected expense may come about rendering you to be at a lost, where that extra twenty dollars could have sufficed.

      Careful spending and good budgeting practices would prepare you for those unexpected expenses.   You will notice how much easier it becomes to manage your gross income and your expenses.   Also you will start to notice a more positive bottom line.   Actually having extra money to do more fun things like shopping, going out to eat, etc.

      Expenses can be a widespread of things.   It may depend on size of the household, or just the extra expense an individual can incur.   Theoretically we accrue some kind of expense daily, weekly, and monthly.   Take the most common expenses like food and transportation.   These expenses occur every day.   Let’s face it, we have to eat, and we need to drive our vehicles to wherever we need to be.   To counteract these expenses some have discovered some alternatives to maintain the need for these things and still be cost effective.   For example, shopping around for bargains when your food shopping.   Utilizing discounts, (coupons, two for one, etc.)   buying in bulk.   With gas prices skyrocketing, so many of us are using public transportation to save money and cutback spending on...