Britains Failure in the Revolutionary War

Britain’s failure in the revolutionary war
Towards the end of the 17th century Britain had begun to lose control of the colonies in the new world.   Due to a number of various reasons the colonies wanted independence from Britain.   Britain was doing everything in their power to keep control of the colonies but their actions were only creating anger amongst the colonists and in turn, the Revolutionary war took place.   There were various reasons why the English weren’t successful and the win of the colonies left Britain powerless over the people of the new World while also leaving a stronger sense of unity among the American Colonists.
Before the first shot at the Battle of Lexington Concord the British were abusing the rights of the people living in the colonies by enforcing unfair taxes and rules.   One of the first issues dealing with taxes that the British enforced was the Stamp Act.   This tax put a tariff on every news paper, pamphlet or document that was sold in the colonies.   This caused many angry people because they now had to pay for something that they had been doing for free for quite some time.   After the colonists tried to respond to the tax the British felt that they need more power over the colonies and soon created the Declaratory Act.   The Declaratory Act stated that England was superior over the American colonies in all cases.   This was one of the first steps the English took in attempt to gain complete rule over the American Colonies.   Along with this act Britain also enforced other taxes such as the sugar act which allowed them to take money from people in the American colonies for no reason.     The Americans felt that they should have a say in the British parliament because now taxation without representation was occurring and it is unfair to tax if the citizens don’t have a say.   The greed here is coming directly from the king and parliament instead of majority of the people in England who have no real reason to argue.   With lack of...