Brief Introduction to Tyre Mobile Crusher Performance

Tyre mobile crusher is a serialized novel rock crushing equipment of Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co.,Ltd development and launch. This mobile crushing plant design concept of the purpose is that the position of a customer, to eliminate the barriers that the crushing site, environmental, complex basic configurations to customers broken as the primary solution.

The performance and characteristics of tyre mobile crusher:

1. Strong adaptability and flexible configuration

Rubber-tyred mobile crushing station provides a simple, low-cost combination of the characteristics of unit configuration. It is crushing, grinding and sieving systems can be stand-alone group to work independently for crushing, grinding and sieving systems, and also can be composed of a flexible system configuration unit joint operations. Hopper side of the conveyor for screening materials provide a variety of configuration flexibility, the joint supply of diesel generators in addition to the power supply to this unit, integration unit configuration can also be targeted to the process system configuration unit.

2. Integration of the entire unit

The concept of integration unit equipment installation is integrated group practices that eliminating the installation of split components of the complex site infrastructure and support facilities, reducing materials, working hours consumption. The reasonably compact space layout of units is optimization facilities configuration stationed at the venue space.

Rubber–tyred Mobile Crusher

3. Direct and effective integration of operations role

Rubber tyred mobile crushing station can be used independently and also provide a more flexible process configuration for material type and product requirements. It can meet the mobile crushing plant, mobile screening and other requirements, so that the resulting organization a more direct and effective, logistics and transport costs to maximize the lower.

4. flexible mobility

Tyre type series...