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SMF Heavy Industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd is a problem solving organization that specializes in hoists and overhead traveling crane systems.
KFcranes are dedicated to safety, efficiency and practical solutions to your material handling needs.
Each system is specifically engineered to meet your needs as well as the guide lines set forth under!

Construction double girder travelling bridge crane introduction:
It is a kind of heavy duty crane, it is widely used in plants, warehouses, materials stocks to lift goods or materials. This crane mainly consists of strong bridge beams, crane traveling mechanism, electric winch trolley and electric system, and could be classified into several working duties, e. G. A5, A6, A7, according to the working frequency and pure working time。

Painting will be completed in the factory before shipping.
After manufacturing (after welding)
Average thickness: About 100 microns
Electrical elements
The crane that we are offering is designed to meet the required functions and requirement stated in your specifications, as well as for the operating conditions.
The sub-assemblies used by are standardized equipment of renowned manufactures and have been approved for specific crane operation by our test laboratory. Their characteristics regarding impact, vibrations, wear and safety were examined. A continuous high quality standard is ensured by series production and standardized sub-assemblies.
The electrical equipment is accommodated in robust steel plate control cubicles, on the crane girder.
All movements can be switched off by actuating the emergency-off switch at the control station via a main contactor.
Power supply cable and control cable along the girder
A protective earth conductor is fitted as standard. A crane switch is provided.  
Long and cross travel limited by means of preliminary and final limit switches

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1,We can provide OEM service and...