Boys Song by Bruce Lundgren. How Has the Poem Boy’s Song Demonstrate of Its Message?

Boy’s song Essay

How has the poem Boy’s Song demonstrate of its message?

The poem Boy’s Song by Bruce Lundgren expresses a narrative of a young boys day at the seaside.   The poet has used a wide range of poetic techniques to demonstrate its message of relationships, using the scene ‘the boys day’ at the seaside; reveals 2 boys Matty and his friend their experiences together on a day trip to the beach.

The poet uses repetition ‘That’s the way for Matty and me’ for the first 3 stanzas at the end, informs the audience that Matty and his friend is the significant influence of this poem.   The last line of the first 3 stanzas has used this repetition to clearly emphasize the importance of Matty and his friend, indicating that they were the main subject and the main focus of the beach day. This represents the importance of friendship, where friendships are meant to be spending time together and enjoy each other’s comfort. The use of repetition has suggested to the audience that to the poet friendship is a very important factor.

In addition, the poem also included a reflective tone. ‘Across the world and a world away’, is suggest that time is pasting fast; it is remembering another time and another place. It is as though they are separated from the rest of the world, because they are so happy together. As people say, time passes fast when they are with whom they treasure. This poem has used reflective tone to indicate to us that time passes fast, when the 2 boys Matty and his friends enjoy the day with happiness, times seems to fly.

Furthermore, this poem also uses figurative language; ‘Over the sand dunes and down the sea’ indicates movements in the poem.   This reveals movements, passing of time to create the relationship between Matty and his friend. ‘Over the sand dunes’ might imply that relationships have their happiness and sadness- ‘down the sea’.   The use of figurative language assists the audience to create fascinating and animated images, this...