Born Gay or Learned Behavior

Born Gay or Learned Behavior 1

Born Gay (Genetics) or a Learned Behavior
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Born Gay or Learned Behavior 2    

    Although it cannot be proven that being gay is genetic, it is also not a learned behavior.  
There will always be the argument that people are either born gay or it is just a learned behavior.  
Many studies and test have been performed on homosexual and heterosexual people to try and
prove the correct answer to this debate.   Although these test have been done on brain patterns,
hormonal influences, the “gay” gene, and orientation or sexual preference; the answer to this
argument is still left unanswered.   The debate on whether being gay is genetic or not, will
continue until researchers can provide more information on what exactly causes one person to
become homosexual.
    The test on brain patterns were taken trying to prove that there are different patterns in the
brain that causes individuals to be born gay.   Homosexuality is caused by a change somewhere in
the brain. In some studies, it showed that males and females have different brain patterns or
structures.   It showed that two of four Interstitial Nuceli of the Anterior Hypothalamus (INAH)
were two times as large in males as in females (Deem, 2009).   Because of this difference, Simon
LeVay thought there would be a difference in homosexual and heterosexual individuals.   He did
a test on the brain patterns or structures of people who were affected by the AIDS virus and other
male subjects.   In this particular study, it showed that there was a difference in the INAH-3
between the two groups.   The other male subject’s INAH-3 were twice the size of females and
that of the individuals who were affected by the AIDS virus.   The main problem or controversy
with this study was the fact that most of the sexual identities of the male patients were unknown.
Also, the fact that some had AIDS could have been the reason...