Book of Account

This chapter presents the type of research, project design, project development and its software testing procedure.

Type of Research

Action Research will be use for this study. Basically action research is a reflective process of progressive problem solving led by individuals working with others in teams or as part of a “Community of practice” to improve the way they address issues and solve problems. Action research also be undertaken by larger organization or institution, assisted or guided by professional researchers, with the aim of improving their strategies, practices and knowledge of the environment within which they practice.
This research will be use for the benefit of JRPC Construction company from manual process to automated. It will help the finance officer and the accountant to do their job in a more effective way.

Project Design

For the accomplishment of the objectives for this study in developing the Automated Book of Account System, a design was formulated and created on the a specified set of requirements and features of the system, and consideration will be
made regarding the availability of resources in achieving the desired output of the study. Figure 1 shows the context diagram for JRPC Construction Automated Book of Account System. There are two entities: Finance officer and Accountant. The finance officer will have to input a username and password which will be provided by the group. The financer officer will have to input particulars, which is a detailed listing of charges of the company, the system will now output the records with all the computation. After what the finance officer have inputted the accountant will also have to enter a username and password. When he/she is already logged in the system he/she will see the updated records from finance officer, the accountant will now have to compute for the all the transactions and the system will output a financial statement.

Figure 1: Context...