Bone Fixation Plates Market Growth, Demand, Price and Forecasts to 2020


Bone fixation plates have been used for over a hundred years. Plates are internal fixations for fractures. Orthopedic plates in form of internal fixation are used in orthopedic surgeries to hold a damaged bone in place, allowing it to heal. Bone fixation plates are used after osteotomy, where the bone is surgically cut and allowed to realign.
These fixations require a minimum invasive procedure. They help stabilize the soft tissues and bones. Internal fixations leave fewer scars and prevent fracture blisters and skin pressure.
The bone fixation plates market is growing at a significant rate due to the increase in osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. Increasing geriatric population, unhealthy lives style causing diseases associated with weakening of bones and joints, and high life expectancy, are expected to catalyze market growth in the coming years.

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Rising incidences of sports injuries, violence, orthopedic surgeries for osteoporosis, and road accidents can further drive the market during the forecast period. Furthermore, government grants and funding are further fueling the growth of the bone fixation market. However, immunological and inflammatory reaction can restrict the growth of the industry. Bone/fracture fixation products market is divided into types and geographies.
On the basis of types, bone fixation products are classified into internal fixation products and external fixation products. The internal fixation products sector dominated the market.
The internal fixation market plates and screws hold the highest market shares. While the industry is dominated largely by intramedullary rods, nails, screws, plates, pins, and wires.
The external fixation sector includes Ilizarov devices, Holffman devices, frames, pins, and clamps. This sector is likely to show a significant growth in the coming years....