Body Scanners and Pat Downs

“To live under the American Constitution is the greatest political privilege that was ever accorded to the human race” Calvin Coolidge. As the Constitution states the government is run by the people for the people. Its purpose is to protect its people,their freedom, their welfare, and improve their life. A new controversy has emerged that discusses the use of body scanners in airports along with intensive pat downs. There are people claiming that these procedures are violating the Constitution and therefore should be deemed unconstitutional. They have been placed in airports to fulfill the promises   of the United States Constitution. They have been placed there for protection and nothing more. Therefore,   intensive pat downs and body scanners must be implemented in all airports because they are in no way violating the privacy of people, they can detect more objects than the other methods, and they are completely safe.
The TSA, Transportation Security Administration, did not want to give too much information about how the scans and pat downs work to protect the technology but they did state, “Passengers should continue to expect an unpredictable mix of security layers that include explosive trace detection, advanced imaging technology and canine teams, among other.” (Gary) The government and TSA are trying to prevent any more attacks from happening therefore the element of surprise and extra caution becomes really important. Especially at a time of war like the United States is currently facing not only in the Middle East but also on its war against terrorism. Al-qaeda and his followers are trying to bring down the freedom of the citizens of the United States.
The scanners are body scanners are around the size of portable toilets. Passengers stand in front of the machine for about 10 seconds   with their hands over their heads to scan their entire body. The   scanner then produces a black and white image (Stanton). These scanners have begun to emerge in airports...