Blood Music by Greg Bear

Greg Bear's Blood Music story belongs to early cyberpunk genre. In the late 70's there was a confrontation between two main literary groups in U.S: the humanists, who persisted to write according to old fashion canon, with highly precise grammar and syntax, emphasizing on the character's inner world and its complexity rather than a cyberpunk group, which was more interested in ideas and philosophical issues rather than analyzing the character.
        In this paper I will try to analyze Greg Bear's Blood Music story through the prism of point of view of cyberpunks. The cyberpunks describe futuristic world, based on high-technology, wide use of computers, including an antagonism to laws and government, and believing in creative thinking.
      The cold war between former U.S.S.R and U.S roughly began after the world war two. It was not literary a war of fighting each other, but   a   political tension, while each side considered its ideology as the right one: Soviet Union was a communist country, and therefore, every country which contradicted communism and opposed its beliefs, was considered as an enemy. Both sides were eager to prove each other that they are the mightiest. The space race was one of the outcomes of the cold war: Yuri Gagarin was the first man in outer space and the first to orbit the Earth in 1961.   A few years later, America had sent its representatives to moon: Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.   The military competition between two powerful countries was enormous, and came to its peak in early 80's, when U.S.S.R invaded Aphganistan. Ronald Reagan called U.S.S.R "The Evil Empire". Each country had highly dangerous threatening nuclear weapon and this fact generated a tremendous fear for both sides of the ocean. Thus, the apocalyptic plot served as a representative of anxieties of people, and could possibly become a reality.
      Vergil, a scientist who injected mysterious intelligent cells into his blood, soon becomes a victim of his own...