Bless Me, Ultima

Marvin Padilla
English 9 A
Per # 3

Bless Me Ultima # 1

In the story, Bless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya talks about a boy named Antonio who struggles in life because of the events that surround him.   One of them is when he becomes a witness of the murder of the sheriff or town.   Also, he changes when he sees Ultima doing exorcism to his uncle.   As the story goes on, he finds more adventures that will change him and make him a man.
An event that marked Antonio was when he saw the sheriff being assassinated in front of him: “… he was at the bus depot café, having coffee, sitting without care in the world − and the bastard came up to where he sat and without a warning shot him in the head …”(17).   Lupito shot the sheriff because the war did him no good because he came distorted and violent like most of the men in that time.   Antonio sees how the sheriff is just having some coffee and then next thing he sees was Lupito shooting Chavez in the head.   This success affected Antonio in a way that he couldn’t understand because he is just a little kid and he shouldn’t observe or be part of.
Antonio changes throughout the story because of some events in his life.   One of them was when he saw how Ultima   exorcised his uncle because he was cursed by the Trementina sisters: “ His body convulsed with spasms of a madman, and his face contorted with pain ‘Let the evil come out’ Ultima cried in his ear .   ‘Dios Mio’ were his first words…”(103).   After Antonio sees Ultima take the evil curse out of Lucas, he starts to doubt religion because now he realized that the power of Ultima as a curandera could be more efficient than the ones any priest could have.
The story Bless Me, Ultima talks about Antonio, a six year-old boy that passes through a lot of issues. Antonio suffers because his family and his community are full of issues that affect him mostly because he is a little kid.   Antonio witnesses the death of the sheriff of town when Lupito kills him because he is...