Character Analysis
Fine Arts Theatre

The assignment is a full 5-page paper written in no lager font than 12Times New Roman or Courier with a cover sheet (not included in the 5 pgs), one point five (1.5) to double (2) spaced. No papers accepted hand written. The papers are to be written in first person (I, me, mine, us, we, etc… you are assuming the role). As far as punctuation I do not grade on it, however, you are college students and I expect collegic type material.
Cover Sheet 05 Movie Analysis = -50 pts
Pages (7pts ea.) 21(3) 28(4) 35(5)
Parental History 20
Character +40_______________
86 93 100
The key thing to remember about this paper is that the movie is only used to introduce the character to you. I only want a paper on the character, not the events that happen in the movie. DO NOT GIVE A SYNOPSIS OF THE MOVIE, if you do look at the above point scale. The best thing to do is write form the point of view of before the movie happened or way after the movie had taken place then things that are mentioned are past remembrances. Also stay within the time period that the movie takes place. By that I mean, if the movie takes place in the 1940’s and your writing from let’s say 10 yrs afterwards it’s fine to use information available in the 1950’s, or if the character lived in the early 1800’s keep to that time period, don’t say things like women were in college or what not.
A character analysis answers may questions about and profiles a character. It can and will answer why a person acts and reacts to certain stimuli. Always start with the past and then move into the present and future dreams, wishes and goals. From the movie you can find important background information to answer a lot of the questions. If you can’t find the answers, I would suggest that you become creative (make it up). No characters from movies where the movie is a biography, ie. Blow, Jim Morrison The Doors, etc....