Big Bang Theory of Creation of Universe: Parallelism Between Indian Philosophy and Modern Physics


From time immemorial mankind has been struggling with the problems that how this Universe has come into existence. How the harmony and order of the Universe has developed. Why the sun rises, where we have come from, where we go etc. and to resolve this curiosity, they had to increase their intellectual power. Philosophy and science are the result of this intellectual process. cosmology is the study of the structure of the universe as a whole. It means an understanding of the universe, reflection on, and account of it. It should explain the underlying structure or the embodiment and its purpose; how the cosmos came to appearance and an orderly form came up and to what extent
          According to the Big Bang model, the universe expanded from an extremely dense and hot state and continues to expand today. A common and useful analogy explains that space itself is expanding, carrying galaxies with it, like raisins in a rising loaf of bread. General relativistic cosmologies, however, do not actually ascribe any 'physicality' to space. Cosmological ideas are the basis of cultural thoughts of all religions.   However it has been observed in every religion that no single account, based on scientific, and cosmological approach has been forwarded as to the origin and nature of Universe. It has been seen that more often, they have been contradicting in their approaches.
According to Modern Science, our Universe was born about 13-14 billion years ago. It got created with a Big bang, an incredible explosion of an unimaginable magnitude, a fiery explosion scattering mammoth amounts of matter and energy and debris from the big bang are the raw material for the birth of billions of stars and galaxies.
Physicists and cosmologists are close to proving that there is only one source behind the physical universe, what they call a unified-field of Physics. Underneath it is the interplay of an abstract substance called energy. Albert Einstein attempted to solve...