Between the Wars

Between the Wars: Essay
Benito Mussolini was a dictator, in Italy, who came to power between World War I and World War II. He controlled every part of the Italian people’s lives. He, like many others dictators in the past, censored all that went out to the public. During his reign Benito Mussolini affected the areas of government, economy, and society.
While Mussolini was in power he changed the way government worked. In 1919, he created the Fascist Party. At the time the Italian’s lost faith in the constitutional monarchy. He and his followers marched to the capital in 1922. To avoid a civil war, the king, Victor Emanuel III appointed Mussolini as the prime minister. In theory the government remained a parliamentary monarchy but it was really a dictatorship which was held up by terror. He believed in extreme nationalism and blind loyalty to the state. He also promised to improve the corruption in the government, but the government stayed the same. Mussolini made Italy a military state under his rule. Through these ways Mussolini changed the government under his reign.
One of the main ways that Mussolini gained popularity while creating the Fascist party was by promising to help the economy of Italy. When he came to power he sustained the idea of capitalism. Mussolini made Italy a corporate state, meaning that the state government controlled everything from agriculture, to industry to trade. Even thought Mussolini improved the economy, he didn’t improve the wages, or the working conditions of the laborers. For example each worker had to make 1000 shoes a week. If they got backtracked they would have to work longer day than before to get the job done. Even if the workers worked over time they don’t get paid for overtime.   Also the workers were not allowed to go on strikes, so even though the economy developed and improved the workers’ wages and rights stayed the same or in some cases, decreased.   The hierarchy or the people who were working and loyal to...