Berger Paints


Barger is one of the   most famous paint industries in Bangladesh. The maximum paint is used in our country is supplied by Barger. It is situated in Kalurghat at Bahaddarhat in Chittagong.

At first pigments, thinners, vehicle oil, epoxy resins are weighing at carried out on the top floor of a four stored bulding. Then these are mixed on the mixer on third floor. Then the mixture is sent to the grinding mil and the grinding process is done by grinding medium. The mixture is smoothly grinded and sent to the thinning tank. The mixture is then passed on the stabilizer, adding some required constituents to get desired paint (weather coat, emulsion etc.) and the finished paint is produced.
The quality control test of the finished product is done and the liquid paint is sent to the storage tank. From the storage tank, it is packed in the container.

Emulsion paint, Weather coat paint, Durocem paint, Industrial paint, Varnish.

By visiting the Berger we know how paint is made. We know some variety of paint such as industrial paint, marine purpose paint, cement coating paint etc.   and we know the different types of manufacturing of paint.

                              COATS BANGLADESH

It is a very well known and well established industry. They have many outlets in many countries of the world. It produce various types of threads & yarn. But it is not so old at our country. It is situated in Shagarika at Chittagong.

The raw materials of the Coats Bangladesh is yarn from abroad. The dying process with required colored of yarn is done at first. The colored year is then dried at drying machine. Then the yarn is removed from the drying machine and the waxy materials and lubricants is added with is. The modified yarn is sent to the finishing section. The desired...