Belonging Essay

QUESTION: Belonging to a community or group has significant impact on an individual’s sense of self.

Belonging to a community or group does impact on an individual’s sense of self. The poet Peter Skrzynecki reveals various ways of belonging to a group or community, in one of Skrzynecki’s poem’s Feliks Skrzynecki finds belonging within his backyard; the same idea is followed in the poem 10 Mary Street as here a family feels a sense of belonging in their home. Post card is another poem that which communicates belonging to group providing him with a sense of identity.
The poem Feliks Skrzynecki explores the relationship between Feliks and his garden; Feliks tries to find his sense of belonging in a new land. He devotes himself to his garden, the poet Peter Skrzynecki describes his father sweep the floors “ten times around the world” this hyperbole creates a sense of belonging, as this gives him a sense of control, basically a sense of identity. “Kept pace only with the Joneses” meaning that he would keep up with the trends which provides a sense of belonging into a community. The third stanza further builds on the sense of belonging to ones self as Peter Skrzynecki explains that Felik’s group of polish friend’s help provide belonging within each other while they reminisce about “farms where paddocks flowered, with corn and wheat.” The images of peace and security within his community are described in the poem “My father sits out/ watching the stars and street lights come on” this adds to Feliks sense of belonging, that he has managed to find, no matter of his memories of “forced labour”.   In this poem Feliks Skrzynecki the audience is shown various ways of belonging either towards a group, place or community, nevertheless each element provides a significant impact on an individual’s sense of self.
A group that can provide one’s sense of self is family, which is seen in the poem 10 Mary Street. This poem encapsulates the story of a family life, the house, the...