Belonging Essay

Area of study- changing perspective
Other related texts

Title; on the sidewalk bleeding
Composer; Even Hunter
Date and place of publication; Unknown
Forum and medium; Short Story

The test “ on the sidewalk bleeding” related to changing perspective by Andy and his view on belonging to the royals. At the start he his proud to be a royal but then at the end he realises that the jacket was the reason he was dying and then didn’t think much of being a royal at all, he hated the idea now. Also the fact that he didn’t think he was dying but towards the end he starts to realise he actually is.

Original perspective; that being part of the royals is the best thing ever, Also that he wasn’t dying, he had just bee gushed, nothing to big at all.
Transformation; When everyone who stopped and seen Andy hurt on the ground, there reaction was “ oh, he’s a royal” and therefore didn’t help him. Also after the amount of blood that coming out him he started to think he might actually be dying.
Changed perspective; he didn’t want to be a royal anymore because that’s who everyone saw he was instead of just Andy and he wanted to be just Andy. Also the fact that he came to realise he was dying now.

Original perspective
Language structures
Textual support
The royals were his everything, he took pride in being apart of them
Emotive language
I was a proud royal”
He wasn’t dying, he was just cut and would be fine.
“he good me good this time, nest time will be different”

Catalyst for change
Language starustures
Textual support
Everyone who saw Andy chose not to help him because he was a royal.
I don’t want to be royal, I want to be Andy”
He was loosing a lot of blood
“He lay in a puddle of blood”

Changed perspective
Language strustures
Textual support
He didn’t want   to be a royal, he wanted to be Andy.
Emotive language

I love you Laura, I’m sorry”
He was going to dye