Belonging Creative

Belonging is an intrinsic factor of life; it has been instinctively built into the mentality of humanity. Belonging brings about a sense of integrity and it has been scientifically proven to benefit ones health and enrich an individual’s talents. The film “goodnight and goodluck” illustrates the complexity of belonging, but furthermore educates and provides the audience with a greater understanding of this primitive necessity.
The basic concept of belonging can be defined as, having the appropriate qualities to fit in with a group. There are also problems which are associated with belonging such as loss of identity, sacrifice and inability to freely express self due to conformity. In the film, the basic fundamentals of belonging were contrasted, as the main issue outlined was the concept of not belonging. For example, belonging was challenged when the CBS TV studio dared to challenge McCarthy’s power and as a result they were ostracised from society. The concept of not belonging, which was the reoccurring theme in the film, provided a different perspective. It allowed the audience to comprehend the motifs behind rebellion, at the risk of ostracism and isolation. It allowed the audience to realise that belonging is something which is constantly exploited, and sometimes it is appropriate to go against society and allow individuality to grow.
In the film “goodnight and goodluck” belonging was not present, which allowed compromises to be made in an attempt to belong. Paranoia and suspicion were contextual to the McCarthy era and Murrow’s rebellion damaged their reputation. Compromises such as removing any communist ties were necessary as they were aware McCarthy would use it against them. However, despite the CBS studio’s segregation from society, a sense of belonging was evident within the company, “terrors in the room and we’re all in this together”. This suggested that even...