Be His Friend, Not Enemy

Can someone be dangerous and very self-confident yet with his friends be very caring?   In the book The Machine Gunners, one of the friends of the main character is like that.   The friend of Chas McGill (the main character) is called Clogger Duncan.   Clogger is different and grew up unlike other children.   However, he is a dangerous, moral but also caring person.
Even though Clogger is a teenager, he is a very dangerous kid to other people who are mean to him or to his friends.   One reason Clogger is dangerous is that he wears boots with metal at the tip of his shoe.   An example of when Clogger used the tip of his shoe was when he kicked Boddser Brown’s ribs and breaking them.   The second reason is that he is very strong and could break whatever he needs to.   Another reason he is dangerous is that if he needed to do something to someone he would go and do what he needed to; a good example was doing Boddser “proper”.
Eve n though he is a dangerous person, Clogger is a very moral person compared to Audrey, Chas, Nicky and Cem, which makes him have a sense of fair play.   One example Clogger is a self-confident child is that even though Chas needed the gas mask, just in case of a gas bomb, Clogger kicked it away not to hurt Boddser even more in their fight.   The last example is when Boddser was beating Chas; Clogger came and broke Boddser’s ribs.
Although he sounds like a criminal, he really is a caring person especially with his friends.   One very good example is when he left his home to be with Nicky in the den after the bomb that was in Nicky’s house killed his mother.   Here he gave up his home even though he really didn’t care.   Clogger helped Chas with Boddser, by beating him up.   He also took care of Rudi, the German that parachuted out of an airplane, when he was   “prisoner.”   Clogger was like the big brother to most of his friends.
Clogger is risky, self-assured and loving.   If you had to fight against Clogger, you would have a very small chance of...