Hallucination Bard
           The darkness covers my perception as images flow through my head; my eyes open. While my body is laid upon the strewed straw bed, listening, pondering, I glance upon a glittering token.  What hath that be?  The sun trickles down my back as I awake from a summer’s nap.  The birds chirp the morning bliss. Sounds fill the chamber in my edor with cries and scattering from a baby next door.  Curse the maiden that neighbors me!  
      The glistening light blinds my eyes as I lift my head up from my chaff-filled mattress.  Rays from the sun hit my newly discovered treasure sending flakes of light to the coffered ceiling. The booty was the essence of a pearl nest egg glistening with opal shimmers; I reach for the marvelous sphere.  On first contact it burned my muck-covered fingertips causing my hand to retreat to a safe distance.  Grasping my feeble hand around a tatter I lift the glowing sphere and quickly place it upon my ground-table.
      I stood up from the golden spawn and carry my weight to the corner of my stone masonry and timber built home.   The cabinets positioned on the pine battered walls held nothing, but a bottle of mead.   I slowly, yet steadily grasp my one hand around the glass-crafted bottle and pour a potell into a goblet.   Burning sensations run through my body with every pleasurable sip, numbing the pain in my fingers.   I stagger and look across the room at the light flickering treasure resting on my table.   What could it be?   Did a constable misplace my king’s loot?   The hourglass thickens past a quarter; I take a step away from my goblet and I’m an inch closer to the shimmering sphere.   A brow’s perspiration forms, my other foot steps forward again.   I eye the shaking treasure; I’m now a foot’s step away.
      Sounds of bustling in the streets and quarrelling cries from my neighbor’s freehold stop, leaving the rattling sphere and I alone in silence.   The glittered object continues to quiver knocking over my past...