“if the words are considered as a symbol of approval and taken of appreciation
then let the words play heralding role of expressing my sincere gratitude and
Concentrated dedicated hard work and application are essential but not the only to achieve
the goal. They must be supplemented by the guidance, assistance and cooperation of people
to make it a success. Every complete successful assignment of many hands joined together.
The report is the valuable contribution of many people to whom i remain indeed. It comprises
experience, intense: practice has been due to the combined effort of my concerned. It was
their enthusiastic responses that enable to bring real fruit of this training.
The success of this report becomes possible by contribution of numerous individuals toward
it. It would be great pleasure to express my intellectual debt of gratitude to the contribution of
such individuals.
Firstly, i would like to thank to Mr. D.S. Yadav ( GM, personnel & administration) permit me
to work me in sportking synthetics as a trainee. I acknowledge my deep gratitude to Mr.
Ashok Sharma (President), Mr. Abhay Rastogi (D.G.M), Mr. Arvind Agrawal (Sr. Production
Manager) Mr. Amitabh Gulati (HOD maintenance), Mr. Anil Sharma (S.M.) and Mahinder
Sharma (Finishing Master). I am also thankful to all shift officers who helped me in
completing this report.
I would like to thank M.L. Modgil (principal in-charge), Parveen Kumar Mastana (lect.) and
all college authorities for their kind appreciation in guiding me throughout training.
Last but not the least; I would like to thank the almighty god, for his blessing showed in me
during the project report.
Vijay Kumar