Awonderful Dream I Had

A wonderful dream I had

One day , I   had a wonderful dream. I saw that I am a spiderman. I had recently seen the movie of spiderman and I am a big fan of him. I always read magazines of spiderman and always wanted to be like him.i have a large collection of spiderman's pictures and stickers
                    I saw my self climbing from wall to wall, high buildings with my spider web and people watching me and shouting with joy .I was feeling like a great Hero. I was always there to help the poor and needy in their difficult times.when somebody called my name for help and i was there in a moment for him.whenever there were fires in buildings i was there to help the people out of danger. In my dream I saw myself fighting with my greatest enemy the Green goblin.He wanted to trouble poor people and rule on the Earth.He was killing the innocent people and   harassing them . I decided to teach him a lesson. There was a big fight between us for long time and while fighting we landed in a dark cave.He started throwing bombs on me.My anger rose and I gave him hard punches and with my hard kick he fell down and died.when people knew about it they all were very very happy. They all were shouting and thanking their great hero.I too was waving my hand flying up in the sky.
            Suddenly I woke up hearing   a loud shout. It was my mother asking me to get up and get ready for school. I was still smiling remembering my dream and I will remember it throughout my life

                                                                          Namit Singh-class 1V