Avon Calls on Foreign Markets

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“AVON CALLS ON FOREIGN MARKETS”                                                                               2
                            “ Avon Calls on Foreign Markets”
                                      Production Orientation
There are five marketing orientations: production, sales, customer, strategic marketing, and social marketing.   The production orientation is based on the belief that the customer prefers low prices combined with the availability of the products they want.   With this concept comes low costs, mass distribution and higher production efficiency (Roberts, 2011 ).   Avon produces many products for many people, but does so without much research into what the customer wants. The product orientation assumes the consumer knows the price of competing products; there is little emphasis on marketing or analysis of customer needs with this orientation.
                              Sales and Customer Orientations
With sales orientation, the company does not change its product for sale domestically or internationally.   This orientation believes that all customers around the world are similar; managers focus on selling rather than customer desires (Roberts, 2011).   Avon has always relied on direct sales which allows for smaller numbers of employees and does not usually use a store to sell its product; but due to economic changes, they have begun to sell in small outlets and retail store kiosks.  
The customer orientation is based on the country as a constant with the variable as the product and method of marketing changing to fit the country (Daniel, Radebaugh & Sullivan, 2011). Avon has developed products for different...