Autos and Americans

The Auto Industry and Americans

It’s a typical day for my family.   Dad wakes up early in the morning and gets ready to go to work.   Mom prepares breakfast, as she gets ready for her days work of watching the kids.   Meanwhile, the kids are getting ready up stairs for their school day.   As they all prepare to leave and depart their own ways, they have to remember their most important things, things like wallets, purses, book bags, and the most important of all car keys.   Without the car keys, there is no way of getting to their destinations. Cars are essential for my family to work.   Without them, there would be no way of going to school, no way of going to that place this weekend, no way of getting to work, no way of getting to the grocery store, no way of my parents seeing me play basketball, there would be no way of doing practically anything. After all, cars are essential for my dad to have a job, he sells auto insurance. Cars makes up who I am and what I am able to do.   Unlike many cultures where the majority of people use methods of transportation like riding bicycles, taking trains, or buses, American typically rely on their own vehicles, vehicles that make up who they are, and make up their economy as a whole. The auto industry in America reflects our culture by means our tastes, needs, history, and even our current economic times.  
The United States is home to the largest passenger vehicle market of any country in the world. Overall, there were an estimated 254.4 million registered passenger vehicles according to a 2007 DOT study. There are more cars on the road than licensed drivers.   The question is what makes the automotive such a big part of American life, why do Americans have to have so many cars of all different sorts of varieties?   Not only do we have more cars than any other countries, but also the variety of cars we have is limitless.   People in the United States have such a wide variety of choices from all over the world.   There are cars...