Automatic Espresso Machines Market Insights, Trends, Growth, Analysis and Forecasts, 2015-2020

Technavioa€™s market research analysts predict the global automatic espresso machines market to grow at a CAGR of over 5.50% over the next four years.
The demand for automatic espresso machines is strong in Western European countries like Germany, Italy, and France, which are the largest consumers of coffee. Many more European countries such as Italy, Russia, and Ukraine are also expected to exhibit a higher demand for coffee related products during the forecast period. It is expected to positively impact the growth of this market through 2019.

Market segmentation of expresso machines by product type
Semi-automatic espresso machines
Fully-automatic espresso machines

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In 2014, the fully-automatic espresso machines segment of the global automatic espresso machines market recorded higher revenues, and it is expected to continue its dominance in the next five years. As the market is witnessing an increase in consumer preference for automation in kitchen appliances, vendors are capitalizing on the trend by offering highly automated espresso machines. With an increase in the cost of espresso coffee at QSRs (Quick Service Restaurants), consumers are increasingly switching to home-brewed alternatives, thus booming the expresso machines market.

Global automatic espresso machine market by geographical segmentation
North America

With growing demand for automatic kitchen appliances, the market potential of especially, the US and China presents a significant opportunity for expresso coffee machine makers. The demand in the APAC region will primarily be driven by the semi-automatic espresso machines segment. The highest growth in ROW will be seen in Latin America, with Brazil is predicted to witness the highest demand.

Leading vendor analysis of the automatic expresso machines market