Midwood                                                                                                     Andrew Cisneros
English                                                                                                               10/8/10
  Life has been full of challenges and adventures that have brought me to who I am as a person today. Many life experiences and the people in it have influenced my thoughts and the way I act around my surroundings. Many people have given me advice in life but personally I only have considered some of them depending on who it was given by. My mom and father have always been special people; she has given me the strength to study and do well in school.  
  My mom has been a huge part in my life; she has always been there for me. When I was in junior high school I used to be inadequate in school and couldn’t capture how important school was. I thank my mom for having the idea to bring me to her job and have me realize how hard life really is and that without education life gets harder. I love challenges; it keeps me busy and awake for the day. A challenge that I went thru in school was my gym class, I never gave up on my physical state and if you get to know me in person you would have to notice how athletic I have became.
  My father has made me into a very responsible boy; during his spare time he has disciplined me into cleaning my room and to be on time no matter where I go. During the summers he would put me in soccer academies so that I would do exercise and learn to play a sport, if you get to know me I am a fanatic person of soccer and enjoy playing it during my spare time. Exercise keeps me motivated and ready to accomplish my goal which is going to college and accomplish my master’s degree on whatever it is that I choose(haven’t choose my master yet).
  Responsibility and work has been part of my character all my life. I believe that...