Aunt Cookie

Aunt Connie Cookie was established in   1986 . Connie began making cookies for a fundraiser, many people being impressed by her acumen and pastry skills   she was offered a business proposition by many. The brand is known for it tasty lemon   and real mint cookie. Maria Villanueva the grand niece of Connie   is the Chief executive officers of the business. I been appointed the chief operation officers.

My recommendation for the cost would be for the business to Adopt   a cost management system . A cost management system (CMS) is a collection of tools and techniques that identify how management’s decision affects costs that identify how management’s decisions affect costs. Developing a Cms system   would enable the business to figure out   if reducing cost, changing business hours, add new product or new material. Utilizing the measurement each cost of business   you can make needed changes.

Product costs is identified with goods produced or purchased for resale These inventorial costs become expenses in the form of cost of goods sold only when the company sells the inventory. Developing a strategies   that minimize cost in getting the ingredients to make the cookies. The company need to developing and maintain supplier relationships. Transportation costs, including carrier payment terms, special charges in the realms of packaging , handling and loading and unloading. Costs to receive, process, or make ready, including unloading, counting, inspection, and inventory costs, as well as expenses associated with disposal of packaging and other product.
We need to make a big decision to pick location of business and how would we differ are company from competitor. The advertising   would need to reach the right demographics.

Fixed cost changes in the cost driver do not immediately affect. The building rent, insurance on the place   A business can start reducing fixed costs, by first examining amount the benefit and the quality of return. Examine every contracted fixed...