Assess the Role of Law in Initiating and Responding to Change.

Using two examples from the Australian media (within the last two years) assess the role of law in initiating and responding to change.

The law is a set of constitutional rules that govern how citizens live, in conjunction the law is written considering the trends and issues that are present in Australian society. The media is a central tool in exposing and informing issues to the general public, this creates awareness thus; pressure. The government responds to the citizens needs and wants, in the most rational and plausible way.

A recent tragedy occurred in King's Cross, the club district of Sydney, where an 18 year old boy named Daniel Christie was “king hit” by Shaun McNeil a man considerably larger than Daniel who was under the influence of alcohol. Daniel Christie lost conciousness and was struggling to survive for several weeks, unfortunately passing away late December. This incident sparked massive controversy in the legal industry and the media, especially since a similar situation involving Thomas Kelly happened not too prior to Christie's case (July 2012). This occurrence was the 'last straw' for many appalled Australians, the general consensus was that the club industry enables too much reckless behaviour and the individuals involved were not held as accountable as they should be.   Immediately after the incident with Christie, there was a media outrage blasting the gaps in the Australian constitution regarding alcoholism and violence.

In response to such pressure amongst media forums, the government implemented laws regarding drinking/ clubbing literally 1 month after the Daniel Christie incident. The introduction of 1:30am entry lockouts, and 3am drinks boycott have been justified as a way to stop the “drinking culture”   Premier Barry O'Farrell says. The “one punch legislation” mandates a minimum service of 8 years in prison in result of drug/ alcohol-fuelled violence. This development in minimum penalty was controversial in the sense that...