Assalaam Alaikom

Lewisham college |
Lessons from the classroom |
[Assignment 4] |
Christopher Beaumont |
3/25/2008 |

[This assignment is in three parts and is based on a self analysis of my own teaching and how my attitude toward teaching has changed since the start of the course. I will touch upon example from my own teaching, my fellow trainees teaching and also from the lessons that I have observed] |

Part One – An Overview

The first week of the CELTA course had loads of different emotions flying about for me. I was out of my comfort zone as I had to be among people that I wasn’t familiar with, however I had a sense of security as my wife was doing the same course as me which was a nice reassuring feeling. We were given a lot of information to take in within the first week and things never got any easier as the course progressed. As time went on, I felt much more relaxed. We were split into separate teaching practice groups where we had to teach real ESOL students. This experience of teaching the ESOL students was particularly exciting for me because I had the opportunity to test all the new skills I had acquired from the previous input sessions such as classroom management, procedure of a lesson, monitoring and building a rapport with the students.   It was also my chance to see what it would potentially feel like once I have completed the course and moved onto work in my desired career field.

On the 15th January 08 I had to play a name game with our new set of students which I picked up from Jane Jenvey. I used this warmer to get all the students up from their seats and familiar with their fellow students and the rest of the trainees. I felt it worked very well. The next day on Wednesday, each trainee had a 20 minute teaching slot to teach the students a particular focus. I had to teach the students basic greetings. I used some tips that I picked up from a lesson with David and created some worksheets that were largely influenced from the Life Lines...