Asking for a Loan

To Whom It May Concern,

      Hello my name is Grant Baker and I am writing this letter in order to
request a loan for $20,000 to go to the opening of my new restaurant,
The Burgher. I understand that the United States is currently
experiencing tough economic times and asking for a loan during these
conditions is a risky move, but I feel that my restaurant idea is so
good that your decision to give me a loan will be one that will end
successfully. First, let me tell you about the plan I have for my
future establishment. I plan on opening a gourmet burger restaurant in
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. The reason I have chosen Pittsburgh as the
location for my restaurant is because it is a blue collar town with a
very large gourmet scene growing in the area. With this "blue collar"
mentality, the people of Pittsburgh are looking for a food that is
familiar and down to earth. Combine this with the growing gourmet
scene and you have a match made in heaven, a gourmet burger restaurant
located in the heart of Pittsburgh strip district, a destination in
the city that is popular with both locals and tourists. Another reason
Pittsburgh will make a good location for my business is because my
restaurant will also serve as a Steeler bar, a place to go to watch
the local NFL team the Steelers during games. One thing that one must
understand is that Pittsburghers love to go out and watch their
Steelers play football, and they are always looking for the next place
to cram into with their fellow fans to cheer on their team. Any place
in Pittsburgh where the Steelers game is played and food is served is
a GAURENTEED hotspot during football season. In order to open my
restaurant I assume I will need about twenty thousand dollars to open
and begin operations in my restaurant. I am a person who is not only
very responsible with money but also extremely business savvy. I know
all about the restaurant business, both the front and back of the
house, so the money...