Asian Americans

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Appendix E

Asian Americans According to the U.S. Census Bureau

Part I

Organize statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau on Asian American diversity using the matrix below. The Web site is available at

Statistic 1 of the Cultural Makeup column is provided for your reference. Note: you will find only two statistics to place in the Financial row.

| Statistic 1 | Statistic 2 | Statistic 3 |
Cultural Makeup | 13.1 million U.S. residents are Asian or Asian in combination with other races | 33.4 million of US residence will ID themselves as Asian alone. | 943,000 of US residence say they are Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islanders in combination with one or more race |
Financial | In 02 median income of Asian/Pacific Islanders was $52,018 | 10.2% in 02 is the poverty rate reported by Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders | |
Nationality | 1.5 million is the number of foreign born | 48% of the foreign born population from Asia are naturalized US citizens | Asian born residents compromise ¼ of the nation’s foreign born population at 8.3 million |
Education | 16% OF Asian and Pacific Islander 25yrs and older have an advanced degree | 87% of Asian/Pacific Islander are high school graduates | 47% 25yrs and older have earned a BA, the highest percentage of any race or ethnic group in the Country |
Career | 351,000 Asian Americans are military vets | 75% of Asian Americans/Pacific Islander men and 59% women work in the civilian labor force | 105,300 Asian Americans are physicians or surgeons |
Demographics | 2.7 million Asian American residence are Chinese making them the leading Asian group | Pacific Islanders largest group are Native Hawaiian at 401,000 | 95% of these 2 groups live in the metropolitan areas |
Lifestyle | 73% of Asian Americans/Pacific islanders households are made up of families, 2-10 having five or...