Herald sun’s articles, ‘True Bliss can be arranged’ and ‘Marriage not for meddling’ are both opinion articles that respond to the debate that is an ongoing argument on arranged marriages. Uday Dhumatkar’s article ‘True Bliss can be arranged’ carries a strong anf formal style. He provides many anecdotes to support his contention that arrange marriages do work. Whereas, Joumanah el Matrah’s article, ‘Marriage not for meddling’ supports her contention that arrange marriages don’t work by moralising to appeal to peoples values of what is wrong from right.
The headlines of the articles, ‘True Bliss can be arranged’ and ‘Marriage not for meddling,’ expresses both authors assertive tone. This indicates both authors view on this issue to what they believe positioning readers to believe in the writers view.
The photograph placed on the side of Dhumatkar’s article, provides evidence to the issue being discussed and debated over. It provides a main aspect of arranged marriages. The way the figures on the cake are placed represents an intruder to two people. This contradicts what marriage is supposed to be. Marriage is suppose to be between two people but it is clear in this photo that a third person, who is assumed to be the brides father, pushing the bride towards the groom, which represents the ruins of a marriage that are arranged. His photo supports a mutual feel to both articles although it is supporting Matrah’s contention that arranged marriages do not work for they are forced which may go against a persons happiness.
The beginning of Dhumatkar’s article, he projects to his audience in a formal and strong tone as he begins by positioning readers to agree that a special event and ceremony as such, should be dealt with respect and responsibility. This is shown when Dhumatkar conveys, ‘Close relatives also take part in negotiating the date, place and the auspicious moment of the wedding.’ Later on in the article, the author progresses into an anecdotal style which...