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Wildlife Officials Say Bison to be Moved
In the February 17, 2010 issue of the Great Falls Tribune online, an article was written about the movement of bison in Montana. The article was written by the Helena Associated Press. The article is called wildlife officials say bison to be moved. It is about the 88 bison that have been held in a quarantine compound outside of Yellowstone National Park. They will be transported to Ted Turner’s ranch in southwestern Montana.
The 88 bison that will be transferred from Yellowstone National Park to Ted Turner’s Ranch are expected to be moved on Wednesday, according to an agreement made late Tuesday between the Fish, Wildlife & Parks and Turner Enterprises. According to this agreement, Turner will care for the animals for 5 years. Then he will return the original bison and 25 percent of their offspring to the state. In exchange for caring for the 88 original bison, he will be allowed to keep 75 percent of the offspring. Several years ago, the animals were spared from a periodic slaughter of the bison leaving Yellowstone National Park because of fear of disease. However, the bison being taken to Turner’s ranch have tested negative for brucellosis many times.
I believe that this was a good agreement being made between Fish, Wildlife & Parks and Turner Enterprises. Bison are constantly dying of diseases such as brucellosis in the wild. These animals are also hunted by hunters annually. If they are located in a ranch and not in the open lands of Montana, they have a greater rate of survival. The state and Turner will both also receive offspring out of the agreement.