I believe that I exceed the expectations required to belong to NHS. I have completed more than enough service hours and contributed greatly to the community. As a coach of a Shelby Township recreational basketball team, I displayed the leadership necessary to lead the team to the semifinals. I have excelled in all of my classes, even the AP and AC classes. I am on a lot of clubs and athletic teams, which makes me involved in school a lot. I’m the kind of person that would make a great candidate for NHS.
I have contributed greatly to the community of Shelby Township. I love sports and I decided to serve for the Shelby Lions football clubs. On game days I worked the concession stands, cleaned up the trash all around the field, and served as the water boy for some of the squads. I also was a coach for a Shelby recreational basketball team. We played our games at the Boys and Girls club and at junior highs across the district. We also had a practice or two each week. Giving back to the community is one of the things I like to do, especially if it involves sports.
Whether it was on the field playing or on the bench coaching I displayed a great deal of leadership. For the Eisenhower Varsity football team, I was one of the captains of our practice squad offense. I made sure that everyone was giving 110% on every play and everyone knew what they were doing. With the help of other leaders on the team, I made sure that we gave a good look to the defense to make sure they were ready for the game. On the court, I made sure my team was prepared to play with everything they had. I accepted the responsibility that most of the players, if not all of them, were looking up to me for advice not only on basketball, but life in general. In school I also demonstrated leadership in my Chemistry class. I was the leader of our cluster, making sure everyone was on task and turning things in on time. I am the kind of person that will not follow, but lead others and myself.
I am not...