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For a high quality sand aggregate production line, it must be high quality of finished aggregate, including grain size distribution, [url=]vsi crusher[/url]
the size and the shape of the finished product and so on, also including aggregate clay content, and is most closely associated with the sand washing machine and system sand machine configuration problem.How to make a system of sand production line reached the highest yield, the key lies in the yield of sand making machine equipment.
According to understand, ordinary application of products, namely the ballast product requirements granularity is below 30 mm, stone production line to break ore materials from 700 mm to 30 mm below, the yield is high.And the mechanism of sand is refers to the 4.75 mm below the stone products, stone products from 30 mm to 4.75 mm below it is not easy to broken, but the mechanism of sand particle size is the owner of the rigid requirements, meet the needs of the mechanism of sand particle size products are various construction projects for preparation of concrete aggregate, so it is conceivable to the requirement of sand making machine equipment.
People have already started the study of sand making machine equipment, to the requirement of mechanism sand, sand making machine equipment every increase in around this theme, as more and more application of artificial sand, sand making machine's technical level also got a lot of ascension, for example, using the most advanced on the market today vico heavy VSI sand making machine series, has fully adapted to the mechanism of sand production requirements, and yield is enhanced greatly.
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