Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a growing development in daily life. From new computers to advanced cybernetic organisms, Artificial intelligence is leading the way in making human life easier. A common misunderstanding with artificial intelligence is that the created has to be capable of thought and actions, where as it is as simple as gathering and processing data. With research and development growing and private companies expanding their capabilities, artificial intelligence is being used to cure diseases, provide mobility to the disabled, and helping us to understand human life.
Artificial Intelligence in the medical field is one of the biggest advancements that we have today. One example of artificial intelligence in the medical field would be the HAL robot suit that was created by Cyberdyne. This suit was designed to improve physical capability. When a person attempts to move, nerve signals are sent from the brain to the muscles by a Moto neuron that moves the musculoskeletal system as a sequence. The HAL suit detects signals on the skin through a sensor and based on what signals were picked up will then move the joint unitedly with the person’s muscle movement. The HAL suit was designed to be used for paraplegics and other disabled people, heavy labor support at factories, and rescue support for disasters. The HAL suits are very beneficial and bring hope to the people who could benefit from it.
The Creators of HAL have not only made robots to help the disabled but to also provide entertainment, such as a robot to play Ping-Pong with or a robot bartender who could mix and serve you any drink you wish. Although many people would love to benefit and own robots such as these I think the most important idea is to build and create robots to help humans with everyday problems such as medical illnesses or robots that could help keep the world safe.
An example of advancement in the A.I. field of medicines would be the development of...