Art vs Design

If we want to talk about Design, many people will think about work of Art because we usually see those words beside each other as Art and Design such as a name of a school “School of Art and Design” and understand Design convey aesthetics as Art but their meaning is totally different. Moreover, lines between them are complex and intriguing. Many designers are artists and many artists are designers. Artists almost never want to be called designers but many designers seem to want recognition as artists. However, as easily explain, art is created by artists or aspiring artists or artistic creation while design is produced by designers. In fact, Art and Design have a connection between them. There are some pretty clear areas and have also identified where those areas have become blurred.
Commercial sense
The first point is that designers work for money in the commercial sense but artists usually recoup their cost of creation to purchase new paints or inks or paper. Design as a career pays a lot more than Art. In the real world for most cases, therefore Designers probably should be quite content not being called Artists because design often is about meeting commercial outcomes
Design is start from thought, art is begun from feeling
Another point, Design is about solving problems and sorting through hypotheses and alternatives to create the best solution to something – the best chair, home, garden, room, poster, or car. Design is about understanding people and the user experience. Design is a very calculated and defined process; it is discussed among a group and implemented taking careful steps to make sure the objectives of the project are met. Designers are similar to engineers in that esteem and must not only have an eye for color and style but must join to very complex functional details that will meet each objective of each project. The word design lead itself to a hint that someone or something has carefully created a thing and much planning and thought...