Art Importance

Wouldn’t everyone like to have a life with a lot more leisure to it? Well art not only provides leisure but also other important things that can be beneficial through one’s entire lifetime. Art should play a more important role in everyone’s lives. It has benefits that will help make a good impact on in everyone’s life. Something this important should play a bigger part in a child’s education. Art is not only important for children and young adults, but it also makes the life of an elderly much better.
    Art is beneficial for everyone and here are some examples of why that is. Researchers have found that art is capable of developing “perceptual skills, imagination, critical thinking, and the ability to learn from mistakes” (“The Benefits of Art”). Studies also show that art can promote or increase positive outcomes in academic achievements ( Rosier). “Art also helps children develop eye-hand coordination” (Englebright). This occurs when children decide how to make parts fit together like a puzzle into a whole, where to put objects, and what details to add, they learn to coordinate what they see with the movements of their hands and fingers (Englebright). “Simple creative activities are some of the building blocks of child development” (Lynch). Art may even be able to help students develop different ways of seeing things or even looking things at a different angle through taking a course that involves some type of art.
Art should be a much larger part in an early child’s childhood. There has been surveys showing that 93% of americans believe art plays a vital role of contributing to education overall ( Rosier). The national education standards support introducing art experiences to children and recommends it for children from birth to eight years old (Eckhoff). Art helps encourage each child’s “full and all-sided development" (Englebright). “Making art and enjoying the art of other people and cultures are very important to the development of the whole child”...