Art Commission Statement

Art Commission Statement
Tracey O’Baker & Stephanie Hladky
September 8, 2014
Marilyn Olander

Art Commission Statement
The board of the Interfaith Cultural Center (the Center) has approve the design and development of a sculpture that will represent various world events and cultural patterns both past and present in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism.   The sculpture will be located at the entrance to the Center and will be placed in the lobby along with a fountain and benches for the patrons to enjoy.
  The board has elected to commission a three piece sculpture of the Ten Commandments in each faith with illustrations for children to understand.   This sculpture will represent all faiths appropriately.   The purpose of this proposal is to request the sculpture and discuss why this sculpture will reflect Jewish, Christian, Islam, and Buddhism concepts that will represent the Center.
Represents Common Ideas
The Ten Commandants represents a set of religious moral laws that were given by the respective Gods in each religious culture.   Even today, the Ten Commandments hold many moral principles in one’s life. The Ten Commandments have influenced many changes in the world and reflect Jewish, Christian, Islam, and Buddhism concepts in humanity as a whole.  
This sculpture will reflect all parties and represent their various backgrounds and cultural patterns.   Having the Ten Commandments displayed in the lobby of the Center will let everyone enjoy them for various reasons. The sculpture reflects all parties’ beliefs and is a great concept of their relationship with the world and God.  
Nations all over the world know the Ten Commandants came from God.   The meaning behind each Commandment goes into depth that ties these religions together every day.   God put these “rules” into place for people to practice and to not sin.   Of course, many people chose not to follow them and sin entered their lives and caused them anguish.   The people who...