Array Structure Proposal

Array Structure Proposal
Troy Boone
May 5, 2014
David Mishoe
Array Structure Proposal
If one has ample related information that needs to be accessed it is best if it’s combined into one single group. A programmer can construct a program that can resolve this issue. For instance a equipment manager that needs to maintain an accurate account of how many footballs, jerseys or flags that are on hand for distribution. What can be created is a program that list all the equipment and has the total number of each item in supply. The program will need to hold large amounts of data which can be sorted or unsorted using arrays.

An array is a variable that is used to hold a collection of related data values. Each of the values in the array is called elements; which are separate variables that store and recall values as needed. Each element has an integer which indicates the position of the element in the array that is called indexes. The lowest integer that is in the element is zero and the numbers above can be infinite, the upper numbers subsequent to zero are called upper bound. To reference an element one needs to identify the name of the array they wish to locate as well as its exact index value.

Using an array in the proper program the equipment manager would have access to how many games were won by a specific team in any given month. Knowing this will give the manager information on what team is ahead at the end of the month. This will give a better account of which teams are in the lead for the championship towards the end of the regular season. Developing a program with an array will provide efficiency and accuracy in knowing which teams are ahead and in contention for the championship. The plan for the code is for it to tally the wins of the specified team to keep up with who is in the lead for the season.
The pseudo code is as follows:
      1. Declare wins = 6
      2. for myCount 1 to 4
      3. Display “enter wins for the week: “...