In the San Francisco Chronicle on January 29, 2009 in the article “New bid to crack down on S.F brothels, Robert Selna reports that Carmen Chu, a San Francisco supervisor wants to punish businesses that operate as brothels because it has been a problem in San Francisco. According to the author, Supervisor Carmen Chu has asked the city attorney’s office to review massage parlor licensing laws because it will make it easier for inspectors to shut them down. Earlier this month, the Health Department inspectors revealed that they suspected that one third of the one hundred and fifty massage parlors in San Francisco has prostitution involvement. Even though, many federal authorities and polices attempted to arrest business that they suspect have prostitution, the businesses were never shutdown.
The Health Department said that their licenses to operate their business are not revoked because of many reasons. Also, they said that they lack the resources to monitor the massage business and it would be hard to fight against them because it would be expensive to go to court to defend their decision to shut down business that are suspected to have prostitution. Carmen Chu wants the city attorney’s office to research ways to withdrawn their massage business’s license so that prostitution can no longer operate in San Francisco.
This article is important because it shows how the government is involved. It relates to Gov’t/Econ because it shows that many women have to resort to selling sex in order to earn money so that they will not be homeless. In a way, it shows how our economy is not in a good position because those women who are selling sex have no other job options to choose from.
In conclusion, I think that the information presented in the articles shows that the government is not doing enough. Also, the government should find ways to create jobs for people so that they don’t have resort to selling sex. This article seems to appear truthful so I agree with what...