Are You Stuck on Band-Aids?

Are You Stuck On Band-Aids?
      Band-Aids, a temporary fix that can last a life time.   In 1876 a British Surgeon, Sir Joseph Lister gave a speech in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania expressing his views on germs.   No one seemed interested except for a Pharmacist from Brooklyn, New York, Robert Johnson.   Robert had gone home and told his two brothers about what he had heard.   They decided to start a company that would produce large dry cotton and gauze dressings.   They named their company Johnson & Johnson. (Useless information)   These gauze dressings were shipped in germ free and germ resistant packages which guaranteed sterility until opened.   These bandages were created by hand and were not very popular only $3,000.00 worth of the product was sold.
In 1920, one of the three brothers, James, heard that one of his employees by the name of Earle Dickson had invented a great new product.   Back in 1917, Earle married his wife Josephine, who was extremely clumsy.   She would always cut her fingers while cooking and doing chores.   By 1920 Earle grew tired of always having to bandage his wives delicate little fingers with the 2 ½ inch wide and 18 inch long bandages his employer produced.   So he came up with the ingenious idea of attaching small pieces of gauze to the center of a strip of surgical tape.   Viola, the Band-Aid was born.   Earle showed his new idea to a fellow employee who encouraged him to show it to their employers.   They were not very impressed with the prototype until Earle showed them how it allows someone to dress their own wounds.   They loved the idea.   Soon after, Earle enjoyed a wonderful career at Johnson & Johnson and eventually became Vice President of the company before retiring in 1957. (Useless information)
In 1924 Johnson & Johnson created the first machine that was able to mass produce sterile wrapped Band-Aids.   The Band-Aids that were now being produced had a little red string attached that made it easy for the wounded person to unwrap and...