Are We Really Independent

Are we really Independent…

Our 1st Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlala Nehru quoted :
"Hum LayeHainTufan Se Kashti Nikal Ke,Is desh ko rakhna mere baccho sambhal ke"
By this punch-line the Govt. might want to convey to the future generation that please be careful regarding the foreign trade policies. They wanted us to be sure of the fact that our country shouldn’t get dependent on other nations, and our Govt.’s prior to 1991 strictly followed a closed economy paradigm.

The Turing point: In 1991 under the Govt. of P.M Narsimha Roa LPG policies were announced and it gave a green signal to the less Developed Indian Industry to fight against the competition, This step was found to be simultaneous bane & boon for the progress of our nation:
Indian foreign exchange started rising quickly & the growth shoot in the right direction, the govt. seemed happy with the investment proposals, inviting many opportunities and started blowing their own trumpet regarding the Indian image infront of the world, but on the same front the govt. and the states started loosing control over the investment companies and began compromising on moral grounds for the sake of the growth.
The Compromises were not the problem but what my question is, WERE THESE COMPROMISES JUSTIFIED? Or are we again getting dependent on the foreign sector, a question to ponder upon!!!
Tough competition was not a cloud in the horizon rather it’s a competitive world and those who can`t sustain themselves will die their own death and soon would be kicked out fromthe rat race. CAMPA COLA Company was one such player who had to move out of the market because they weren’t able to fight against the well established Company COKE COLA.
No objections against this but were the steps or we can say the methods adopted by COKE morally or legally correct?
Coca- cola operates 52 water-intensive bottling plants. In the southern Indian village of Plachimada in Kerala state. The company Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages...