Application for Head Girl

Dear _____,

Please accept this letter as my expression of interest for the position of Head Girl, commencing............... In structuring my response, and pondering on exactly what to say, I found myself asking three questions; what is the role of Head Girl? What would being Head Girl mean to me? Why am I the right girl? 

What is the role of Head Girl? The role of a Head Girl is without question one of great importance, playing a critical role, internally and externally; internally, not someone of greater importance than the rest of the student body, but rather someone with the ability to work effectively within a team and yet still demonstrate leadership. The role of the Head Girl requires the ability to inspire those around you, whilst equally being motivated yourself to create a calm, comfortable and memorable environment for what is an extremely important stage in our lives. Equally internally, the role involves listening, supporting and most significantly giving equal importance to every student whether they be a new starter in their first year or a student in their final year trying to understand and decide what options they should choose. 
Externally, the role supports the reputation of the school, given the political picture, with Academic oriented schools this is key and I see this role supporting you and the other teachers in developing our reputation.
What would being Head Girl mean to me? First and foremost I recognise the significant and demanding nature of this role. Having spoken to teachers and current members the Head Girl team, I am excited by the challenge the role presents and cannot think of a more rewarding way to conclude my final year at _____ I have never been one to cower from a challenge, for example taking on ...... as an elective   subject when it wasn’t naturally one of my strengths. I will embrace this role and provide a valued interface between the teachers and students.
Secondly, I want to leave this school knowing I have...